Marc Parra is discovering México. Part 3

Since we arrived in Veracruz we haven´t stopped: we´ve done a lot of rivers and we have meet with a lot of people, the life here is fantastic. 

One of the rivers I have liked most is the BIG BANANA SECTION, in Alsesseca, which we have runned more than one time. The put-in is one hour and a half far from Aventurec, then to arrive at the river you have to walk for a 30minutes, kayaking 500 meters by an neighbor river and walk again into the jungle for 15 minutes until you are et the foots of the impressive Big Banana waterfall that was runned for the first time by Aniol and Rafa Ortiz last year getting with that the 2nd world record.
Big Banana drop!

After some minutes in front of that nice waterfall we took our kayaks and began the river with the first rapids, very continuous. Then then the river gets narrow making very difficult a rescue. This section is full of spectacular drops, slides and beautiful landscape. Later, more or less at the middle of the river you find a 15 meters drop called “Silencio”, If I remember well the reason of the name is that everybody rest in silence when someone is running it. 
This waterfall has an enormous undercut at the left back part, thing that makes it little dangerous if you don´t do a big boof and fall flat far from the waterfall. The first time I saw it I didn´t run it because it really impressed me. The second time we were at this river I didn´t doubt I could run it If I made the necessary. It went perfect but at the reception I hit my nose with the paddle and It produced me an ugly cut more scandalous for the blood that flowed than by the cut itself.

Running to Silencio drop!!

Aniol Killer!!!

After running the Silencio drop without problems we continued the river, that at the end part it has a lot of little drops and slides until you arrive to the “meat locker”, a beauty double drop. Then the river ends with some differend rapids until the Tomata bridge, where is the take out. 

Let´s see how the water works in the next days, this afternoon has rained!!

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