vidéo de la "Green"

Pour le titre de Rico nous vous proposons de voir une petite vidéo de la green race où Eric a fini second.

Nous publierons systématiquement les vidéos où un des PEK est présent: il risque d'y en avoir de plus en plus!

encore une vidéo d'Aniol

Patagonia Sin Represas - Baker & Futaleufu 2012 from QuebecConnection on Vimeo.

Dans la vie, il y a ceux qui se gavent et puis il y a tous les autres!!!

never stop going!

The season in pucon was short and strong. After too many days there i felt the need of hit the road and some more places. So we left the siphon and head straight in to argentina to celebrate christmas and paddle one of the sickest argentinian rivers!

La temporada en pucon fue corta e intensa. Despues de demasiados dias atascado en ese lugar senti la necesidad de moverme e ir a remar en otros lugares, asi que nos subimos al auto del tio Fede y manejamos directo a Bariloche para pasar una buena navidad, las mujeres mas guapas, rico fernet y rios buenazos! Argentina la lleva!

las ratas en la frontera de junin de los andes!

First day we hit the rio manso, about 50 km. of bariloche. This is one of the greatest and most beautiful kayaking paradises in argentina!

El primer dia nos dirigimos al rio manso, a unos 50 km. de bariloche. este es uno de los mejores rios en argentina, con potentes saltos, rampas y un entorno espectacular!

duckie slide at really low water....

buena linea en el salto de los alerces!

Next river we hit was the rio blanco, some of the coolest drops and slides I've ever seen ar hidden on this one. One of the best runs in south america!

El siguiente fue el rio blanco, una de mis secciones favoritas en todo el mundo!

boofing mandinga!

maybe the cleanest drop in the world??

cali drop!

After having a great time in Argentina for Christmas we left to Futaleufu together with Marcos. This is one of the meca's for all kayakers, "un paisaje pintado por dios, the place is super beautiful, the river is awesomme and the people there is super cool too! No stress in that place!

Despues de pasar un tiempo estupendo en Argentina nos fuimos hacia futaleufu con mi amigo Marcos. Una de las mecas para todo kayakista, el lugar es espectacular, bello, con gente sencilla y muy hospitalaria, y sobretodo... con un rio al lado con mas de 40 km de aguas bravas! En este lugar no hay stress!

marcos house next to the rio azul!! what a view!!


we attempted a mission to the baker with this subaru loayale 93' . We got stucked on our way down there having to spend a whole week in coyahiqe trying to fix it... it never worked out and we end up selling it for 300.000 chilean pesos.....
biggest fail ever...

good playboating session in the futa!

awesomme landscape on the rio fuy!

here is myself throwing a back pan-am on the 50 footer in the rio Fuy !

Check this video of marcos!

Chile - Argentina full edit from Marcos Gallegos on Vimeo.

Nouvelle victoire d'un PEK au Mexique

Après une année riche en évènement Eric remporte cette année la course extrême made in Mexico.
L'année dernière c'est Fafa qui c'était imposé. Cette année c'est Eric qui fait d'une pierre deux coup en s'emparant aussi du titre de vainqueur de la toute nouvelle coupe du monde de kayak extrême.
Plus de nouvelles à suivre.

Marc Parra is discovering Mexico . Part 4

The last days the rain hasn´t been enough so we decided to leave Aventurec and travell to the south. We left Tlapacoyan and drove for 7 hours until we arrive in Catemaco, a little village near to Bahía de Campeche (in front of the atlantic ocean), there we spent the night and the following morning we went to San Andrés de Tuxtla, a coast village in the Roca Partida beach. There we met with Sr. Fernando, muñeco as alias, who was going to guide us at the Oro river put in.  

We walked for 45 minutes to the put in, surrounded by a tropical landscape. Once we arrived we found a perfect 15 meters waterfall unfortunately not runnable because of the stones of the reception. The river continues with some rapids until a nice canyon full of a similar stone like you find in the río Claro, at the north of Chile. 

The first rapid has a 10 meters drop that falls in a dark grotto and then there is a 4 meters slide that guides you until the end of the canyon trough a 12 meters drop. When you continue the river you do some more rapids until arrive at the best attraction of the section, the sea. Ending a river arriving at the sea was an amazing experience and weird at the same time!! That beach, called Roca Partida, is an old pirate refuge of warm water and white sand. There with our friend Fernando we ate some fish just caught called Sierras with a beer. We slept there to continue the travel to the south, to Chiapas!!!


Voilà une photo insolite et originale prise par le photographe Philippe Llanes hier après midi.
Un patineur sur le Lac de Gaube!
Ce Lac est situé un peu au dessus du pont d'Espagne c'est de là que coule une partie de l'eau sur les section s de rivières que nous parcourrons dès le printemps.
L'hiver est bien là dans les Pyrénées le gave de Cauterets est un peu froid en ce moment.

Gavarnie - Chaos de Coumély

Sur des images de juillet dernier, voici la vidéo du Chaos de Coumély franchi en kayak par la PEK. C'était encore une fois un bon moment, avec des coups de main pour la sécu, la vidéo... puis le beau temps a rendu une fois de plus la couleur bleu clair si particulière au gave de Gavarnie.

Chaos de Coumély by pyreneesextremkayak

Marc Parra is discovering México. Part 3

Since we arrived in Veracruz we haven´t stopped: we´ve done a lot of rivers and we have meet with a lot of people, the life here is fantastic. 

One of the rivers I have liked most is the BIG BANANA SECTION, in Alsesseca, which we have runned more than one time. The put-in is one hour and a half far from Aventurec, then to arrive at the river you have to walk for a 30minutes, kayaking 500 meters by an neighbor river and walk again into the jungle for 15 minutes until you are et the foots of the impressive Big Banana waterfall that was runned for the first time by Aniol and Rafa Ortiz last year getting with that the 2nd world record.
Big Banana drop!

After some minutes in front of that nice waterfall we took our kayaks and began the river with the first rapids, very continuous. Then then the river gets narrow making very difficult a rescue. This section is full of spectacular drops, slides and beautiful landscape. Later, more or less at the middle of the river you find a 15 meters drop called “Silencio”, If I remember well the reason of the name is that everybody rest in silence when someone is running it. 
This waterfall has an enormous undercut at the left back part, thing that makes it little dangerous if you don´t do a big boof and fall flat far from the waterfall. The first time I saw it I didn´t run it because it really impressed me. The second time we were at this river I didn´t doubt I could run it If I made the necessary. It went perfect but at the reception I hit my nose with the paddle and It produced me an ugly cut more scandalous for the blood that flowed than by the cut itself.

Running to Silencio drop!!

Aniol Killer!!!

After running the Silencio drop without problems we continued the river, that at the end part it has a lot of little drops and slides until you arrive to the “meat locker”, a beauty double drop. Then the river ends with some differend rapids until the Tomata bridge, where is the take out. 

Let´s see how the water works in the next days, this afternoon has rained!!

Vidéo de Gaël

Without Dams In Patagonia from Gael Caride on Vimeo.

Voilà une petite vidéo de Gaël Caride. Ce basque citoyen du monde parcours la planète pour rechercher les plus belles rivières: Népal, Norvège, Pérou, Mexique, Chilie, Argentine, Colombie.
Si il y en a un qui vit la vie rêvée de tout petit kayakiste énervé c'est bien lui!!
Nous l'avons rencontré au Mexique l'année dernière et avons passé notre trip avec lui. Le Basque est indépendant!

Marc Parra is discovering México. Part 2

After some days in San Luis de Potosí we have moved to the south, to Veracruz. The way to Tlapacoyan was quite long, so we decided to visit the Altajín ruins, which were at the middle of our route. We arrived there, spent the night in front of the ruins, and the following morning we could enjoy that magnificant spectacle of beauty and culture. We returned our way until arrive to Tlapacoyan, a little village surrounded of mountains and incredible rivers.

The first day after rest at Aventurec, the best camping of this area, we prepared the kayaks and we went to run one of many sections of the ALSESSECA river called ROADSIDE with our friend Aniol, that had already been here before. Part of this section is runned at the Alseseca race, celebrated every year in february. Is a nice river full of slides and drops that makes you pay attention all the time and it prepares you for the next sections of this river. It was a PADRE section!!!, Like you say here... it really worths run it, and it´s done in less that 2 hours!!

Other river that we have done is the ALTO ALTO ALTO BOBOS. The first time you hear that name is some weird, but then you realise why is so special... the river has a 40km longitude for do with a day!!! That day we woke up at 6:30am and after meeting with Antonio, who was going to guide us, we drove for more than four hours trough a goat road until we arrived at the river, near to a village called "Pimentón". This river flows down between an spectacular place in the middle of the mexican jungle, it seemed that nobody had been there before. The first rapids you find are together and are full of big calcareous stones that makes the river be a maze. Then the river opens and the rapids are less intensive and separated, so you can relax before the final beating: 12 km of flat III class water!!! That part is little boring but the beauty of this place make no mind for it. Finally we arrived at the take out 6 hours after we left the put in, almost dark!!

The following day we went to SAN PEDRO FALLS, a 15 meters pretty drop localized one and a half hour from Tlapacoyan. When we arrived we saw that the lack of water was no good for run, that required us any mistakes, a perfect line to not get injury by the hard reception. I run without think so much and I had no problems. I did a nice line and I found the reception quite soft. A perfect day with good people in an incredible country, what more can we ask for? 

Marc Parra is discovering México. Part 1

After some time without kayaking a lot due to the work and the lack of water in our rivers, I´m travelling again, this time to Sudamérica, to Mexico exactly.

It´s been a few days since we arrived in Mexico. As I had imagined, we had some problems for take with us our kayaks from Barcelona to Mexico and after argue and delay our fly, we left Barcelona without them. Once in Mexico we waited in the airport the arrival of the rest of our friends, and then we rent a car for the month we are gonna spend here. We drove to the North with San Luis de Potosí as destiny until arriving in Ciudad Valles.
el salto put in 2 - 4380.jpg

At the morning we met Patas, a local friend who helped us to find kayaks to rent and told what rivers are the best to run in that area. The same day we runned las “Cascadas de Micos” and slept in “los rojos” camping.
Because of the food, the next day we all woke up feeling bad and unable to kayaking big for two days, so wewent to a nice and III class easy river called “Ojo Frío”. The following day we runned a “el Salto III-IV”, a beautiful river with two good jumps and a perfect slide. It ends with the el “salto de Meco”, where you can have a chela so cold with views at the river.
el salto jump - 4379.jpg

We couldn´t leave San Luis de Potosí without running el “Río Verde”. This river it´s three hours far from Ciudad Valles and is a beautiful canyon that flows down between the jungle, for a truly spectacular place. That day we arrived in the Put in at 12 am and we began the river from a little bridge. The rapids are not very continuous but there are 18km to run!! At the end of the river we found a 14meters jump that made us enter into action after some hours of flat water. The jump seemed perfect, so for the first time I tried to throw my paddle before the reception. All good, I got a good line and to sum up a lot of good sensations.
el salto slide - 4382.jpg 

The intention is now to travel to the south, to Veracruz...