Marc Parra is discovering México. Part 2

After some days in San Luis de Potosí we have moved to the south, to Veracruz. The way to Tlapacoyan was quite long, so we decided to visit the Altajín ruins, which were at the middle of our route. We arrived there, spent the night in front of the ruins, and the following morning we could enjoy that magnificant spectacle of beauty and culture. We returned our way until arrive to Tlapacoyan, a little village surrounded of mountains and incredible rivers.

The first day after rest at Aventurec, the best camping of this area, we prepared the kayaks and we went to run one of many sections of the ALSESSECA river called ROADSIDE with our friend Aniol, that had already been here before. Part of this section is runned at the Alseseca race, celebrated every year in february. Is a nice river full of slides and drops that makes you pay attention all the time and it prepares you for the next sections of this river. It was a PADRE section!!!, Like you say here... it really worths run it, and it´s done in less that 2 hours!!

Other river that we have done is the ALTO ALTO ALTO BOBOS. The first time you hear that name is some weird, but then you realise why is so special... the river has a 40km longitude for do with a day!!! That day we woke up at 6:30am and after meeting with Antonio, who was going to guide us, we drove for more than four hours trough a goat road until we arrived at the river, near to a village called "Pimentón". This river flows down between an spectacular place in the middle of the mexican jungle, it seemed that nobody had been there before. The first rapids you find are together and are full of big calcareous stones that makes the river be a maze. Then the river opens and the rapids are less intensive and separated, so you can relax before the final beating: 12 km of flat III class water!!! That part is little boring but the beauty of this place make no mind for it. Finally we arrived at the take out 6 hours after we left the put in, almost dark!!

The following day we went to SAN PEDRO FALLS, a 15 meters pretty drop localized one and a half hour from Tlapacoyan. When we arrived we saw that the lack of water was no good for run, that required us any mistakes, a perfect line to not get injury by the hard reception. I run without think so much and I had no problems. I did a nice line and I found the reception quite soft. A perfect day with good people in an incredible country, what more can we ask for? 

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