Marc Parra is discovering Mexico . Part 4

The last days the rain hasn´t been enough so we decided to leave Aventurec and travell to the south. We left Tlapacoyan and drove for 7 hours until we arrive in Catemaco, a little village near to Bahía de Campeche (in front of the atlantic ocean), there we spent the night and the following morning we went to San Andrés de Tuxtla, a coast village in the Roca Partida beach. There we met with Sr. Fernando, muñeco as alias, who was going to guide us at the Oro river put in.  

We walked for 45 minutes to the put in, surrounded by a tropical landscape. Once we arrived we found a perfect 15 meters waterfall unfortunately not runnable because of the stones of the reception. The river continues with some rapids until a nice canyon full of a similar stone like you find in the río Claro, at the north of Chile. 

The first rapid has a 10 meters drop that falls in a dark grotto and then there is a 4 meters slide that guides you until the end of the canyon trough a 12 meters drop. When you continue the river you do some more rapids until arrive at the best attraction of the section, the sea. Ending a river arriving at the sea was an amazing experience and weird at the same time!! That beach, called Roca Partida, is an old pirate refuge of warm water and white sand. There with our friend Fernando we ate some fish just caught called Sierras with a beer. We slept there to continue the travel to the south, to Chiapas!!!

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