Marc Parra is discovering México. Part 1

After some time without kayaking a lot due to the work and the lack of water in our rivers, I´m travelling again, this time to Sudamérica, to Mexico exactly.

It´s been a few days since we arrived in Mexico. As I had imagined, we had some problems for take with us our kayaks from Barcelona to Mexico and after argue and delay our fly, we left Barcelona without them. Once in Mexico we waited in the airport the arrival of the rest of our friends, and then we rent a car for the month we are gonna spend here. We drove to the North with San Luis de Potosí as destiny until arriving in Ciudad Valles.
el salto put in 2 - 4380.jpg

At the morning we met Patas, a local friend who helped us to find kayaks to rent and told what rivers are the best to run in that area. The same day we runned las “Cascadas de Micos” and slept in “los rojos” camping.
Because of the food, the next day we all woke up feeling bad and unable to kayaking big for two days, so wewent to a nice and III class easy river called “Ojo Frío”. The following day we runned a “el Salto III-IV”, a beautiful river with two good jumps and a perfect slide. It ends with the el “salto de Meco”, where you can have a chela so cold with views at the river.
el salto jump - 4379.jpg

We couldn´t leave San Luis de Potosí without running el “Río Verde”. This river it´s three hours far from Ciudad Valles and is a beautiful canyon that flows down between the jungle, for a truly spectacular place. That day we arrived in the Put in at 12 am and we began the river from a little bridge. The rapids are not very continuous but there are 18km to run!! At the end of the river we found a 14meters jump that made us enter into action after some hours of flat water. The jump seemed perfect, so for the first time I tried to throw my paddle before the reception. All good, I got a good line and to sum up a lot of good sensations.
el salto slide - 4382.jpg 

The intention is now to travel to the south, to Veracruz...

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