In Zaragoza there's an excellent wildwater course. It was constructed for the Expo 2008 event, which had like a a main issue “the water and the sustainable development”. The instalations are really good and it could be a perfect place where learn kayaking or where to compete. But the fact is that is not working like we all wanted and is closed almost every day of the year except some weekend where sometimes is done some rafting.

Thanks to the excellent organization of the Pirineos Kayak, all the last weekend was possible to paddle there. It was celebrated the first Boarder Cross done in that channel and we have to say that the participation was awesome, more than 80 people were enjoying the channel and the good weather.

The race consisted in paddling 315 meters of the channel in 6-5 people groups trough a determined way along the obstacles prepared. We were so much people that we had to make 4 rounds of prelims and semis until putting ourselves at the final round. I reached all the rounds at the 1st place even tough in some moment was difficult to keep.

Once at the final I could put myself first and maintain this position until 15 meters before the finish point, but at the calm water I was caught by a big swirl that at least put me second and make my friend, who was behind me, to gain the race.

I have to say that was a nice weekend and competition. Each round the level of the paddlers went up and we had to give all of us to get a good position.

See you in the river guys!!


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